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Maserati Service

When should I get my Maserati serviced?

We’re here to make sure you continue to get the best out of your Maserati for years to come, so we encourage you to take advantage of our dealership. It makes keeping track of your Maserati's service and maintenance more convenient than ever. Stay up to date with a factory maintenance schedule, service history log, service coupons, interactive guides to your vehicle’s features and more.

What does an Maserati service include?

Maserati Service is a comprehensive, no-surprises approach to maintaining your Maserati. Every time you visit the service department of an Maserati dealership you will receive a complimentary Service Inspection and Report Card, detailing anything on your Maserati that may need attention-now or in the future.

How long does a Maserati service take?

Not long at all! Maserati Service merges speed and quality to offer you even greater value and convenience. Our precision service system expedites the maintenance process, providing a seamless experience that allows you and your vehicle to get back on the road as quickly as possible.